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  • Zhongtong Guomai Communication Co., Ltd., formerly known as Jilin Province Post and Telecommunications Engineering Bureau, was founded in 1947. In 2006, according to the policy requirements, all state-owned assets were withdrawn and converted into joint-stock private companies. In 2016, the company was listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange with the stock code 603559.
In May 2008, after the Wenchuan earthquake occurred, the company organized a professional earthquake relief communication rescue team to rush to the earthquake-stricken area for the first time, and overcame many difficulties. The team rescued 48 kilometers of communication optical cables in Beichuan, and successfully completed the rescue task. It was praised as the "Northeast Iron Army" by the relevant national department and the local government, and was also honored “Advanced Collective for Em
The company’s main business is based in the province, covering major telecommunications operators such as China Unicom, China Telecom, China Mobile, China Radio and Television all over the whole country, and it has established branches in various cities and prefectures in the province, as well as in many places outside the province. The company has participated in overseas projects as delivery service partner of Shanghai Bell, ZTE, Motorola, Ericsson, Lucent and other telecommunications equipmen
The company mainly undertakes consultation, investigation, design and construction of communication network engineering and operation and maintenance of the communication network system. It also undertakes construction of intelligent building engineering and installation and service of cable TV engineering. More than 78% of the employees are professional and technical personnel with the intermediate and senior titles, including more than 50 registered builders and project managers at the first n
The company has the “first-level qualification for general contracting of communication engineering construction”, “first-level qualification for contracting of electronic and intelligent engineering”, “A-level qualification for integration of the communication information network system”, “A-level qualification for agency and maintenance of communication base stations/communication lines” and “qualification certificate for external contracting engineering”. In 1998, the company took the lead in
In 2017, Zhongtong Guomai actively explored and transformed to embrace the Internet of Things, big data and cloud computing on the basis of expanding and strengthening its main business. In the ancient capital of Nanjing, Zhongtong Guomaiwulian Technology Nanjing Co., Ltd. was set up to break through the key technologies of the Internet of Things; in Beijing, Beijing Guomai Space-time Big Data Technology Co., Ltd. was set up to achieve the deeper scientific and technological innovation; in addit