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Zhongtong Guomai, a professional communication technology service provider, constantly improves its business model, gradually realizes the comprehensive layout of expanding to the design and construction of building intelligent engineering, design and construction of limited television engineering, power engineering and other new businesses with communication network engineering and operation and maintenance as the core business. The company is proficient in drilling and successful in diligence. Zhongtong Guomai owns domestic leading instruments and complete construction equipment, which provides favorable guarantee for the quality of the project.
With a steady pace of development, Zhongtong Guomai is marching into the Internet of things, big data, cloud computing and other high-tech fields. It has successively established and restructured several subsidiaries, including Beijing Guomai spatiotemporal Big Data Technology Co., Ltd., Zhongtong Guomai IOT Nanjing Technology Co., Ltd., Zhongtong Guomai IOT Liaoning Technology Co., Ltd., and Shanghai Gongchuang Information Technology Co., Ltd. At present, our company has achieved fruitful results in many fields, such as intelligent building, intelligent home, intelligent travel, cloud platform, big data development, IDC room operation, health remote sensing technology service, etc.
China Communications Guomai understands the needs of customers, provides customers with more convenient and efficient network information services, and makes the brilliant moments accompanied and the smart future within reach. China is willing to be knowledgeable with all walks of life.
China tongguomai is willing to work with people of insight from all walks of life to seek common development and create the future, and work together with you for the same goal and win-win cooperation for the same dream!