Network operation: how to get 100000 users in three days at zero cost?


Today's article is not a case in the circle of friends that you often see through "activities for the public number of powder 100 thousand", but to share in the down-to-earth, do not spell the face of the father does not brush the face of how to obtain 0 users of the app product 0 cost, as for the value of 10 silk and 100 thousand app users, which is not high, this article does not discuss, understand that people will understand.

Aso optimization techniques the author has shared many times since 15 years of contact. From doubling downloads to the top 10, to 100000 users in three days . how do these data, which sounds exciting and distressing to many start-ups, work? I'm sure everyone will be interested. The old saying is new. I hope it can give you some enlightenment.

As of March 31, 2016, there are 1912559 apps in the world, 90.5% of which can be downloaded and used in China. Our commonly used list tool (aso100) can only monitor the top 1500 of China's free list. Many products with less downloads can't even be listed. It's even more difficult to enter the top 100!

This article mainly introduces how I let my product "WiFi spy" in charge of operation on April 13, 2016. With 100000 downloads in three days, I was ranked in the top 100 of the free list of Appstore.

"I've heard a lot of great principles, but I still have a bad life." this is the confusion and helplessness that happened to many people. It's also the point I mentioned when I first shared it: no matter how right the truth is, you can't practice it.

Eliminate illiteracy! Aso you don't know

1. What is ASO

How far are you from the top 100?

As mentioned above, the ranking of the list is affected by two factors: Download volume and sales volume. As a free product, if you want to be on the list, you need a lot of new users every day. Through the coverage optimization and ranking optimization of ASO keywords (i.e. search entry optimization), we can effectively achieve the effect of volume.

Finally, back to the topic of this article, why can WiFi agents have such a high ranking without channel payment guide? My explanation is: "good foundation optimization, clean foundation, high historical weight". Aso full name app store optimization (app store search optimization), usually refers to the ranking optimization of keywords in Apple's app store search results, is to use app store search rules to achieve ranking optimization operation, and is a promotion method to make app more easily searched or seen by users.

I think you also know that apple is frequently adjusting its algorithm recently, and its own products can jump to the top 10 of the classification list, which I believe is the result of previous efforts. As mentioned at the beginning, Aso optimization is not difficult in skills, techniques and methods. What is difficult is to understand from the foundation. I hope this kind of sharing can bring us some different enlightenment. Based on the basic ASO as the core, combined with the promotion methods such as launching ASO and marketing scheme, the dynamic integration scheme for Apple application market ranking and search rules can effectively achieve the promotion goal. ——Integrated marketing promotion